BlueDiamond Implant

Incorporating key features of an AnyRidge implant
Higher compressive & fatigue strength with long-term biological stability
Accurate positioning & excellent prosthetic connection (X-Fit™)

blue diamond


So much more than just a screw…

implants are MegaGen’s premium implant system based on a new loading protocol with proven results from over 10 years.

Leveraging all the strong points of AnyRidge, BLUEDIAMOND implants have been enhanced to provide a long-term solution to the mechanical and biological complications that are currently challenging implant dentistry.

With an ever increasing number of users around the world, BLUEDIAMOND implants enable fast implant treatment and provide patients with excellent new teeth that are esthetic, functional and long-lasting.

blue diamond

BLUEDIAMOND goes FAR BEYOND standard expectations of dental implants…

Specificaties BlueDiamond

BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT offers a simple solution for clinicians wishing to offer the best to their patients without making big changes to their current surgical protocols.

BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT incorporates many of the key features of the AnyRidge implant, having a slightly different implant body shape and connection. Lees Meer >

Chirurgische mogelijkheden BlueDiamond

BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT fixtures achieve optimum initial stability when used with a guided drilling sequence. Surgery is simplified with a clear drilling protocol based on fixture diameter and bone density. Lees Meer >

blue diamond

Prothetische mogelijkheden

Broad prosthetic line-up from conventional to digital restorations

The MegaGen Implant System offers a wide range of prosthetic solutions. Be it standard prosthetics or abutments for CAD/CAM solutions. With MegaGen Implant prosthetic components, you are assured of a suitable solution for crowns, bridges and edentulous situations. Read more>

Video’s & Documentatie

Learn more about the BLUE DIAMOND IMPLANT by watching the full introduction video and explanation of the Drilling Sequence. Bekijk meer >