Multi Unit Abutment

Multi unit abutment

MegaGen Implant develops the special abutment named as Multi-unit Abutment, which can be the solution for the edentulous patients. With 4 fixtures placed into patient’s ridge and a hybrid denture on those four fix- tures, a patient can recover his or her dental condition almost completely. In most cases, Multi-unit Abutments work in a set of 2 x straight type abutment for anterior position and 2 x angled type abutment on posterior position.

Features Multi Unit Abutment

You could see how Multi-unit Abutment functions and what benefits you could get from Multi-unit Abutment are as the followings:

  • Two fixtures which are slantly implanted on posterior position are osseointegrated with cancellous bone. These fixtures function as dispersing vertical load on alveolar bone.

  • Multi-unit Abutment is only 4 fixtures + 4 abutments. It means that dental surgeon has enough places for surgery. Therefore, it will be easy to find and place 4 fixtures into ridge where abundant cancellous bone exists.

  • A doctor can use graft bone material if a patient dosen’t have enough alveolar bone. However, the slantly placed fixtures can overcome the patient’s insufficient bone by getting good holding strength with this angulation.

  • In addition, these angulated fixtures can avoid touching important anatomies, such as mandibular nerve and maxillary sinus. 

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