AnyOne Prosthetic Kit




Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench has torque options from 15Ncm to 45Ncm and is used for the placement of an implant and final tightening of the Abutment Screw.

torque wrench

Hand Driver (1.2 Hex)

• Used for all Cover Screws, all Abutment Screws and all Healing Abutments.
• Available in 4 lengths for convenience.
• Hand Driver can be directly inserted into the Torque Wrench without using an adapter.
• Hex tip can withstand 35-45Ncm of torque without distortion.


Octa Driver

• For seating the Octa Abutment onto the fixture.

• Can also be connected to Torque Wrench.

octa driver

Impression Driver

• For transfer type of impression Coping.

• Works with friction only.
• Small but powerful grip


Ball Driver

• For seating of the bal abutment into the fixture.
• Can connect to a handpeice, Ratchet or torque Wrench
• Available in ong and short


Solid Driver

• For seating of the octa abutment into the fixture.
• Can also connected to torque Wrench




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