Implantology Archieven - MegaGen
26 april 2017

Immediate implant placement with GBR 1-stage by means of osseodensification

Immediate implant placement with GBR 1-stage by means of osseodensification. Case report by Irfan Abas M.Sc.
1 februari 2017

CV Dr. Kwang Bum Park

CV CEO MegaGen Dr. Kwang Bum Park, Dr. Kwang Bum Park graduated the Kyungpook National University, School of Dentistry in 1985 in Korea. He finished training at the department of Periodontics in 1988. He worked at the same dental school as a teaching faculty until 1993...
14 juli 2016

Placement of 2 AnyOne implants in mandible molar area

Placement of 2 MegaGen AnyOne Implants in the mandible molar area in a narrow ridge and GBT by means of autogenous bone combined with a bovine bone xenograft and a cortical collagenated membrane. 
24 maart 2016

Atraumatic extraction case report by Dr. Irfan Abas

Atraumatic extraction using Benex II and immediate ‪‎MegaGen‬‪ ‎AnyRidge‬ (4.0 x 11.5 mm) ‎implant‬ placement by Dr. Irfan Abas, M.Sc.