MiNi Implant

Smalle diameter maar een uiterst sterk implantaat
Van toepassing bij laterale incisieven in het bovenfront / onderfront

Design Concept:
Narrow Ridge Implant System

Designed for your convenience with better reliability.
The MiNi Implant is used when a standard implant is too large for the surgical site. Most commonly, the MiNi is placed in the lower anterior or congenitally missing laterals.

Mini, but mighty

MiNi for your convenience with better reliability. When compared with the company A, MiNiTM Ø3.0 has similar compressive strength, but Ø3.25 showed much higher value of strength on the thin wall area of the fixture.

Parallel wall thickness Company A Ø3 (OD Ø3) MiNi Ø3(OD Ø3) MiNi Ø3.25(OD Ø3.4)
A 0.3430 0.2790 0.4730
B 0.4390 0.3130 0.4130

Innovative thread design

Stress distribution on cancellous bone: Thanks to Megagen’s unique KnifeThread® and super selftapping design, better initial stability can be attained in any compromised bone situation. The design enables progressive bone condensing, gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance and minimized shear force production.

XPEED Surface

Ca(2+) on S.L.A. surface topography. Stronger. Faster. Safer.