AnyRidge Implant

Eenvoudig boorprotocol met voorspelbare primaire stabiliteit
1 enkele prothetische connectie voor alle implantaatdiameters
Geschikt voor iedere implantaatplaatsing


Design Concept

AnyRidge is the first implant system to introduce the concept of progressive thread design. It’s a game changer.

AnyRidge Design Concept
AnyRidge Implantaat

More Cortical Bone Preservation

Advanced coronal design allows maximum cortical bone preservation around implants.
Beyond osseointegration, AnyRidge can assure a beautiful gingival line.

AnyRidge-Cortical Bone Preservation
AnyRidge close up

Platform Shifting.
At its best

Double offset for better Peri-Implant biotype. Anatomical S-line for thicker mucosa. Smaller plaform for more crestal bone.

No screw loosening

The 5° morse taper connection provides a perfect hermetic sealing and virtually eliminates the screw loosening.

AnyRidge Taper connection

Innovative thread design

Knife Thread — Stress distribution on cancellous bone. Thanks to MegaGen’s unique Knife Thread
and super self- tapping design, better initial stability can be attained in any compromised bone situation. The design enables progressive bone condensing, gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance and minimized shear force production.

XPEED Surface

Ca(2+) on S.L.A. surface topography. Stronger. Faster. Safer.