AnyOne Implant

Optimaal behoud van corticaal bot
Optimaal botcontact en primaire stabiliteit door het tapered design
Eenvoudig boorprotocol

Design Concept

AnyOne implant system was developed to be Tissue friendly, Operator friendly, Patient friendly (T.O.P)

Tissue friendly

  • Enhanced surface treatment – Xpeed
  • Better crestal bone response due to stress reduction design
  • Better cancellous bone response due to evenly distributed stress
  • Better soft tissue response thanks to the bio-friendly S-Line shape

Operator friendly

  • Simplified surgical protocol giving predictable initial stability
  • Simplified & compatible, single platform prosthetics
  • Secure osteointegration with shortened healing times
  • High compressive strength

Patient friendly

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Shorter recovery and treatment time
  • Enhanced esthetic results

Variety of AnyOne Fixtures

1. Easy and convenient “Regular Thread”

For Hard Bone

Easy and Simple placement for all cases.
∅3.5, ∅4.0, ∅4.5, ∅5.0, ∅6.0, ∅7.0

2. “Deep Thread” for stronger initial fixation

For Soft Bone

New design with extended thread gives substantially stronger initial stability for soft bone application.
∅4.5, ∅5.5, ∅6.5, ∅7.5, ∅8.0

3. “Special 7mm” essential for special case

For Irregular Ridge

This ‘Special 7mm’ fixture can be used for non-uniform bone loss case with limited available vertical dimension.
∅4.5, ∅5.0, ∅6.0, ∅7.0

Stress reduction on crestal bone

Placing a fixture in to the alveolar bone is easier to control due to the straight upper portion of the fixture.
Crestal bone loss is minimized by reducing stress in the cortical bone.

Excellent soft tissue responset

All abutment cuffs are treated with ZrN coating to ensure excellent aesthetics under the tissue. The biological S-line provides seamless natural-looking and more functional emergence profile.

Advantage for Esthetic & CAD / CAM prosthesis

AnyOne Abutments have a sloped shoulder margin making them ideal for CAD/CAM zirconia prosthetics.

Innovative thread design

Knife Thread — Stress distribution on cancellous bone. Thanks to MegaGen’s unique Knife Thread
and super self- tapping design, better initial stability can be attained in any compromised bone situation. The design enables progressive bone condensing, gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance and minimized shear force production.

XPEED Surface

Ca(2+) on S.L.A. surface topography. Stronger. Faster. Safer.