Implant planning & ONE-DAY solutions

Special Features

Standardize CT values & color coding for accurate bones and tissue analysis for optimum implant placement planning

Individualized drilling sequences to ensure optimal initial fixation

Unique tablet-friendly application for busy clinicians to confirm diagnostic

Information and final treatment plan

Specially designed surgical guides to maximize accuracy,control vertical fixture & inner-hex positions & realize ONE-DAY solutions

Prosthetic-driven implant positioning

Innovative diagnostic software that analyzes the total oral condition to determine the optimal position for implant treatment

  • prosthetic design
  • skeletal information
  • gingival form
  • occlusal relationship

ONE-DAY implants (ONE-DAY smile)

  • accurate predictive diagnosis
  • reduced chair-time
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • immediate loading
  • excellent clinical results

Digital EYE™




Color-coded analysis of bone morphology & density

Although CBCT uses 256 shades of B&W, the human eye can only detect 16 (6%). Therefore, Digital EYE converts the CBCT shades into full color with a standardized brightness, allowing intuitive analysis of the bone condition to position & size the implant, determine the drill sequence, and predict the initial stability for immediate loading.


Windowing for standardized brightness

The brightness levels from different CT equipment are standardized using a special windowing function based on the Hounsfield unit scale.


Innovative guide design for convenient & precise implant surgery

3D printed based on an approved treatment plan
One body combining drill guide hole(s), drill stopper(s), & hex control
NO metal sleeves or spoons





Individualized drilling protocols for maximum BIC

Recommended drilling sequences are provided to achieve optimal initial fixation based on bone quality analysis