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Lance Drill

• Useful to make an indentation on cortical bone to confirm the exact drilling location.
• Advisable to go into the bone to the full length of a fixture.

Lance Drill

Marking Drill

• Each drill has calibrations from 7.0 to 18.0mm.
(TANSDF4815, TANSDF5415, TANSDF5915 have calibrations up to 15.0mm)
• Easy to recognize by dual marking systems.(Groove and laser marking)

Marking Drill

Cortical Drill

• Removes cortical bone and enlarges osteotomy socket especially at hard bone.
• Similar function with countersink drill of other systems.
• Eachdrillhastwostepsofdiameterforconvenience.

Cortical Drill

Drill Extension

• Extends drills & other handpiece tools.
• No more than 35Ncm torque : Can be distorted when too much force is applied.

drill extension

Abutment Removal Driver

• Usedtoremovefinalabutment;useafterremoving Abutment Screw.
• Insertstraightintotheabutmentandrotateclockwise.
• LongAbutmentRemovalDriverisfordisconnecting


Handpiece Connector

• Delivers torque for the placement of a fixture with a handpiece.
• Easy and secure pick-up and delivery.
• Used to place an implant without a mount.
• Marks on the shaft can indicate the position of
fixture platform, especially in flapless surgery.


Ratchet Connector

• Delivers torque for the placement or removal of a fixture with a Ratchet Wrench.
• Secure a Ratchet Extension or Torque Wrench to a fixture before exerting force.
• Toomuchtorqueforcecanresultadamagetothehex of a fixture.
• Marks on the shaft can indicate the position of fixture platform, especially for flapless surgery.


Hand Driver (1.2 Hex)

• Used for all Cover Screws, all Abutment Screws and all Healing Abutments.
• Available in 4 lengths for convenience.
• Hand Driver can be directly inserted into the Torque Wrench without using an adapter.
• Hex tip can withstand 35-45Ncm of torque without distortion.


Direction Indicator

• Confirmsdrillingdirectionandlocationduringdrilling.
• Checks drilling position.


Path Finder

• After placing a fixture, a Path Finder can be con- nected to guide parallel for the next implant.
• Gingival depth can be measured with the grooves especially for flapless surgeries.








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